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Statia Button DoughertyStatia Button Dougherty grew up in Southern California and lives today in Eastern Arizona with her husband and four dogs. Statia has always nurtured an affinity for the old west. She enjoys taking road trips and exploring and photographing ghost towns and mining camps. In preparation for this book, she and her husband embarked on a journey from San Diego California, to Santa Fe New Mexico along what use to be the Gila Trail.

A Promise Kept
The Legacy of Michael Malone

ISBN# 978-1-939345-15-8
Softcover - 294 pages
$17.99 MSRP

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A Promise Kept - The Legacy of Michael Malone

In 1864 a young Irish immigrant disembarks at the harbor in New York. Broke and hungry, Michael is easily and immediately coerced into enlisting with the Union Army. The war is soon over and he finds himself still broke in a foreign country, and with no home to return to. He travels to Santa Fe where he meets a wealthy and prominent merchant who influences a change in Michaels plans. He remains in Santa Fe, and with his good looks and affable personality, Michael readily assimilates into the culturally diversified society of Santa Fe.
While traveling on a mission along the Gila Trail with a wagon train, Michael shares the hardships and deprivations of his fellow emigrants. It is here that he redeems a promise that had been made to him in Santa Fe